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Slender West Lake

Slender West Lake, Yangzhou
Slender West Lake in Yangzhou City China
Slender West Lake in Yangzhou City of China Jiangsu Province
Slender West Lake in Yangzhou China
Slender West Lake, Yangzhou China
Slender West Lake in China Yangzhou City
Slender West Lake

Shouxi Lake (Slender West Lake), built in the Qing Dynasty, is the slender version of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Flowing around Xiaojin Hill (little gold hill) up to the foot of Tangshugang Ridge of Pingshan Hill, its southeast part links Shi River and City Moat through to the Grand Canal. The lake boasts many famous scenic spots, such as the White Pagoda, the Five Pavilion Bridge, and Xiaojin Hill.

Five Pagoda Bridge, located on the shore of Shouxi Lake, has its unique architecture in whole, the proportion of which is appropriate, combining skillfully the elegant taste with exquisiteness. The bridge has five pagodas with one in the middle and four at the four corners, which are linked each other by corridors. The bridge foundation was made by twelve big and small piers built of green stone, with 15 arched spans joined each other, 55 m in total length. Looking from outside the bridge, there emerges different scenery beyond every span there, each time when the moon is full in the cloudless night, every arched span contains a moon, bearing specially poetic charm.

Xiaojin Hill is an islet in the lake. The Hills and gardens on the mid-lake islet present an architectural complex of gardens at the foot of hill and beside lake water. A Pavillion is built on the top of the hill with pines and cypresses planted on the slope. It is the highest spot in this scenic area.

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Slender West Lake
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