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Home >> China City Guide >> Jiangsu Province >> Yangzhou >> Geyuan Garden travel guide and tour

Geyuan Garden

Geyuan Garden, Yangzhou
Geyuan Garden in Yangzhou City China
Geyuan Garden in Yangzhou City of China Jiangsu Province
Geyuan Garden in Yangzhou China

During the Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou's salt merchants began to build gardens; until now there retains many excellent classical gardens in Yangzhou; among which, the oldest and most complete preservation, has the most artistic value, is Geyuan Garden, or Ge Yuan, which is located in the ancient city of Beiyu.

Geyuan Garden is a typical private residential garden. From the house into the garden, the first view is the moon shaped hole door. There are two Chinese characters "Ge Yuan' written on the door. On both sides of the door, you can see all kinds of bamboo branches and leaves. Through the door, you can see a row of ornamental perforated windows, and catch a glimpse of garden scenery, tower, flower, trees; all these are fascinating. Enter the garden door, and then turn to the west, you can see a large bamboo forest.

This garden's purport is novel with compact construction; it is China's garden isolated cases, also is Yangzhou's one of the most prestigious gardens landscapes. The four seasons rockery in Geyuan Garden are distinctive.

The spring rockery is suitable to wander; the green stalagmites are planted in the bamboo grove, this bamboo stone picture, lay bare the theme "spring hills". The summer rockery is suitable to have a look; the cypresses on the hills are luxuriantly green; the pond under the hills is dark green. The autumn rockery is fitting to climb; it is piled up by Huang Shanshi; the area is large with stone table, stone desk, stone bed; draughty and dry; full of life interest; while climbing to the peak, you will have breadth of mind, and have a panoramic view of the gardenful wonderful scenery. The winter rockery is appropriate to live in; The landscape architect not only used "snow color" to express the winter, also cleverly used the technique of expression "sound of the wind", surprising and fantasting; several strains of wintersweet on the versant foil the bitter cold of the winter.

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