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Turtle Head Islet

Turtle Head Islet, Wuxi
Turtle Head Islet, Wuxi China
Turtle Head Islet

A peninsula in the northwest of Taihu Lake and southwest of the Wuxi city center, Turtle Head Isle is one of the most famous attractions along the Yangtze River due to an image which seems as if a large turtle-shaped rock is protruding itself out of the lake. The sceneries on the island are incredibly captivating and accented with green hills and blue water all around. Because of this, the isle has earned its title as the first place of interest in Taihu Lake and often considered the very best place to appreciate the lake¡¯s fine views.

Covering an area of 539 acres, the Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area was initially built in 1916. It is blessed with flowers and trees dotted everywhere, such as yellow narcissuses, white tulips, white cherries, and winter jasmines. Architectures of different styles are distributed among the trees and bushes, adding a sense of mystery to the isle. Besides natural scenic spots, the island is also home to many cultural relics including Changchun Bridge, Chenglan Hall, Flying Cloud Pavilion, Sturdy Pine Tower, Guangfu Temple, nd Taozhu Pavilion. Other scenic spots include the Taihu Lake Fairy Isle Scenic Area, Turtle Head Spring-Tide Scenic Area, Hengyun Mountain Villa Scenic Area, Wan-Lang-Juan-Xue Scenic Area, and Luding-Greeting-to Sunshine Scenic Area.

Even more interestingly, many well-preserved ancient remains from the Ming (1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasties (1616-1911) have been found, and many ancient legends about the isle have been passed down from one generation to another. Gao Panlong, leader of Dong Lin Party in the Ming Dynasty, often recited poems with friends on the island and as a result left many historical remains such as ¡°Footbath Site¡± on Turtle Head Isle. Two cliffside inscriptions declaring ¡°Gestating Wu and Yue¡± and ¡°Heng Yun¡± were inscribed by Liao Lun (a magistrate of Wuxi), honoring the greatness of Taihu Lake for being the reason the ancient Wu and Yue Kingdoms (the present Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces) existed. A 13.1-meter tall lighthouse decorated with glazed tiles on the roof stands near the lake as well, promising and guiding a safe journey for sailors in the darkness. Next to it is a large rock with three sturdy Chinese characters stating ¡°Turtle Head Isle¡± on its face side. This message was engraved by Liu Chunlin, the last No. 1 Scholar (a title bestowed on one who rated first in the highest imperial examinations) in Chinese history. However, some parts of the characters were unfortunately destroyed in the Cultural Revolution (1966 -1976) but have since been renovated.

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Turtle Head Islet
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