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Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake, Wuxi
Taihu Lake, Wuxi China
Taihu Lake
Taihu Lake, Wuxi Jiangsu China

Lying between Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Taihu Lake is one of China's four major freshwater lakes, covering 2,420 square kilometers. The best place to view is from the Xihui Park in the west of Wuxi. If you climb the seven-story Dragon Light Pagoda on the top of Huishan hill, you will be able to take in a panoramic view of Wuxi and Taihu Lake. More than 40 islets dot the lake and houses, geese and duck farms, fish ponds and fruit orchards. The spectacular and tiered landscape makes one feel as if he were before a picturesque sea. Some popular sites along the lake are Turtle Head Isle and Three Hills Isles. The unique and marvelous scenery makes these places very famous. Nowadays many more attractions have been added by a number of elaborately designed architectures with classic Chinese traditional styles. With so many wonders and marvels, the place has become a fairyland.

Crossing the lake by pleasure-boat, you will see the wonders one by one, such as the Memorial Archway of the Taihu Fairy Islands, the White Marble Screen Wall of the Jade Emperor Tour the Heavens, the Hill of Flowers and Fruits, and Water Screened Cave, where you can also see monkeys jumping lively. You can roam around Tandy Xianfu (Heavenly Paradise and Immortal Place) there, and listen to the floating ancient music played on the traditional Chinese instruments. Probably most young people would like to tour the Temple of the God of Matchmaker, as well as the Pavilion of Affection Couples.

Turtle Head Islet was originally founded in 1918. Then Hengyun Mountain village, Guangfu temple, Taihu Lake Villa and Zhen Park were built one after another. Luding Hill is at the center of the scenery zone with an elevation of 96 meters. Situated on this are Xizi Pond, Fanli Hall, Jin'ou Pavilion, Shutian Attic and Youyou Pavilion. There is an island called Three-hill Island with an area of 12 ha, 3.6 kilometers south of Turtle Head Islet in Taihu Lake. They are miraculous for their isolation, smallness and exquisiteness. The highest peak of Three-hills is named Three Peaks. The Huicui building was constructed on the southern slope of Three Peaks.

On the top of the highest peak stands the Poem Tablet Pavilion, built according to Wen Zhengming, an outstanding scholar's poem about Taihu Lake. Lihu Lake, with another name Five Li Lake, is a bay of Taihu Lake in the northwest, covering an area of 9.5 square kilometers. It is named after the legend of Fanli and Xishi (one of the four beauties in ancient China). Li Garden, formerly Fanli's residence occupies a corner of Lihu Lake.

Another choice for you is to have a walk along the Heavenly Street, to buy and have a taste of goods that are considered to be "immortal". Or you would rather like to step into Lingxiao Palace and worship the supreme Jade Emperor, and pay your respects to the civil and military Lords of His Majesty. There is another enjoyment of seeing Fresco of Yongle Palace. Then you can get up to the Taiyo Temple of Heaven, to admire the garrison treasure of the Three Mounts-Taiyo Immortal Pill-Making Stove. It is very necessary for tourists to go to visit Dodge Bay and Immortal Cave because these two places are the representatives for the essence of grotto arts.

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