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Huqiu Garden (Tiger Hill Garden)

Huqiu Garden
Huqiu Garden, Suzhou
Huqiu Garden, Suzhou China

Tiger Hill is located in the west of Suzhou and seven kilometers away from the center of Suzhou. It is 34.3 meters above sea level, covering an area of 282.3 acres. A famous poet Su Dongpo said that it was a pity that people not travel Tiger Hill when visiting Suzhou a thousand years ago.

Thousands of years, Tiger Hill, relying on the beautiful scenery, long history and cultural landscape, has a high reputation as the first scenic spot in the State of Wu (an ancient small country during Spring and Autumn Period). It was said that after the death of Ke Lu who was the emperor of Wu, a tiger squatted on the tomb on the third day, so it was called Tiger Hill. By its unique charm, Tiger Hill perfectly shows a beautiful picture of the combination of human resources and natural landscape. It is a human rare cultural treasure.

Tiger Hill has the same long history as Suzhou. In 496BC, Ke Lu died and his son buried him here. In Eastern Jin (317-420), each of Situ Wangxun and his brother built villas in the mountain and divided into two parts, East Temple and West Temple. In Tang Dynasty, in order to avoid Li Hu¡¯s taboo, Gaozu Li Yuan¡¯s grandfather, Tiger Hill once was renamed Wu Hill. During 841-847, a large-scale suppression of Buddhism movement was launched. So the Eastern and western parts were demolished seriously. But soon Buddhism has been restored.

After rebuilt, the two parts were connected together and migrated from the top to the foot of the mountain, then gradually form the pattern of mountain building which has been preserved. After North Song Dynasty (960-1127), Tiger Hill was deemed as a tourist resort. With the help of Suzhou government, Tiger Hill has entered a recovery period of development since the late 1970s. In recent years, Tiger Hill has been rebuilt again, so the spring flowers, summer shade, autumn fruit and winter emerald make the eternal mountains vital.

Stepping into Tiger Hill, all the way along the mountain, eighteen famous sceneries can be seen. The most important and famous is Yunyan Temple Tower, also known as Tiger Hill Tower, which was built during 959-961. The tower is all covered by bricks and its height is 47.5 meters, weighing more than six thousand tons. According to records, because of the foundation reason, Tiger Hill has tilted to the northeast since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). During 1981-1986, the second rebuilding made the thousand-year-old tower turn to safety.The most mysterious and the most attractive monument is Sword Pool. The width is about 60 multi-steps, a depth of about six meters. The water is crystal and clear all the year round, which can be drunk by visitors. Its design is admired by contemporary. 2500 years ago, Ke Lu was buried under the Sword Pool, so this area has a pretty closed relationship with emperor. Qing Shihuang and Sun Quan came to explore the tomb to look for the sword. Kangxi, Qianlong travelled here for six times and they composed glorious histories for Tiger Hill.Covering an area of 666.67square meters, Yongcui Villa¡¯s flat looks like a rectangular. From Yongcui Villa, visitors can look up Tiger Hill Tower; overlook the Lion Mountain from long distance. Luyu well and Lengxiang Pavilion are also good places to relax.

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