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Panmen Gate

Panmen Gate, Suzhou
Panmen Gate, Suzhou China
Panmen Gate

Panmen Gate, architecture in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), lies in the northwest of Suzhou. With 2500 years history, this gate is the most completely preserved part of the Suzhou ancient city ruins. Standing on the top of the gate, visitors can easily see the Wumen Gate Bridge and the Auspicious Light Pagoda. All the three scenes are well-known as the Three Scenes at Panmen Gate.

Construction of Panmen Gate started in the first year of the reign of He Lu (emperor of a small ancient country Wu). Although it has been renovated and rebuilt many times, its location has never been changed an inch. During 1271-1368, Panmen Gate was firstly rebuilt and during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, it was renovated again. Panmen Gate looks very splendid because of the water gates, land gates, towers and city wall.

Panmen Gate
The ancient Panmen Gate which is an initiative in the history of the ancient fortification was built by water gates and land gates, towers and city wall at both sides. The land gates include two gates, one inside and the other outside, with city wall forming a square terrace of about 20 meters long on each side. This construction helped the people in ancient time win the battle and their enemies would be like turtles in a jar. Panmen Gate is a fortress suitable for ancient water-towns like Suzhou in the southern part of China. The two water gates adjoining the land gates are the only water pass which links the inside and outside. This kind of construction has enough room for two boats passing side by side.

Auspicious Light Pagoda
Auspicious Light Pagoda lies in the northeast. Cultural relics having been discovered in the recent years in the tower confirmed that the tower was built in 1004 firstly, consuming 24 years. It was destroyed in the war. Later on, it was renovated more than 18 times. It saves the multi-story tower style of Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) Dynasty.

Wumen Bridge
Wumen Bridge firstly built in North Song Dynasty (960-1127) is nearby Panmen Gate. The present bridge was rebuilt in 1872. The aperture of the bridge is high and noble. It is a typical with the characteristics of a large single arched stone bridge in the area south of Yangtze River. In the river, there is a prosperous sight of boats sailing competitively in the Great Canal. Standing on the bridge, people can savor the beautiful pictures of the Panmen Gate and Auspicious Light Pagoda.

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