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Ningbo Tour

Ningbo location

Ningbo is an ancient port city situated in eastern Zhejiang Province at the mid-point of China's coastal sea-lanes. For more than 800 years, it served as a key trade outlet for Chinese silk and export porcelain. It sits at the confluence of three rivers: the Fenghua, flowing towards the north; the Yuyao, flowing east; and the Yong, where the Fenghua and Yuyao meet and empty into the East China Sea. Like Wuhan, Ningpo is split into three sections by its rivers. It is linked to Hangzhou in the east by rail, and to Wenzhou in the south hy road. Fishing and ship-building which were already well developed here by the Song Dynasty, are Ningbo's traditional activities, with a range of high-technology enterprises related to shipping and oil refining added in recent decades.

Ningbo's subtropical climate yields an average annual temperature of 16.1¡æ(61oF), ranging from an average low of 4.2¡æ. (40oF) in January to an average high of 28.8¡æ (84oF) in July. Heavy rain falls between mid-June and late July. July to September is the typhoon season.

Ningbo is thought to have been inhabited as early as 7,000 years ago. Just south of the site of present-day Ningbo, a town named Yin was established during the Warring States Period (403-221 BC), but owing to the high salinity of both the Yuyao and Yong rivers, the location of present-day Ningbo remained uninhabitable until about the 6th century. At that time, artificial freshwater lakes were created at the base of the surrounding hills to collect water from mountain streams. Toward the end of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a network of irrigation canals and locks was constructed. During the Tang, production of a local variety of porcelain known as Yueyao Qingci reached its zenith, with large quantities exported throughout Asia and even as far as East Africa. After a breakwater was installed in the natural harbor in the 12th century, trade with Japan began to flourish. In 1381, under the Ming, the town's name was changed to Ningbo Fu.

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