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Nanxun Tours

Located at the southern shore of Taihu Lake, Nanxun is an ancient water town with arched bridges, canals, narrow lanes and ancient houses. Established 760 years ago, Nanxun Ancient Town is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and flourishing silk industry. It developed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) into one of the richest towns in China. Like other water towns, canals run past the back door of every row of houses here. Nanxun is unique for its combination of Chinese antiquity and traditional architecture incorporating European elements. The architecture here shows a most fascinating mix of Chinese and Western styles. House exteriors are the same as those of traditional Chinese houses, but the interiors are decorated with exquisite bricks, stones, glass and wood carvings that can usually only be found in Western buildings.

Nanxun Water Town 1 Day Shanghai Tour To Nanxun Water Town

Tour Code: Nanxun_01
Summary: Nanxun day tour starts from Shanghai, explore a rare ancient town with mixed Western and Chinese styles. Visit traditional style residential houses and courtyards. Take a stroll along the canal and meet the locals.

Nanxun Water Town 1 Day Private Hangzhou Tour To Nanxun Water Town

Tour Code: Nanxun_02
Summary: Experience the lives of local people in the Nanxun Water Town. Nanxun is unique in its mixture of Chinese antiquity and western architecture. Enjoy the views more privately and peacefully.


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