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Home >> Zhejiang Province >> Hangzhou >> Qiandaohu Lake tours and travel guide

Qiandaohu Lake

Qiandaohu Lake, China
Qiandaohu Lake, Hangzhou China
Qiandaohu Lake

Qiandaohu Lake, situated in Chun'an County, 160 kilometers west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is one of the 4A State-level scenic spots and presently China's biggest national park. Millions visitors from home and abroad go to this area to appreciate its unique scenery every year. With the ongoing developments in transportation, it is hoped Qiandaohu Lake will become one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

As the first man-made reservoir of the new republic in 1958, Qiandaohu Lake was formed when the waters rose and the surrounding hills formed a total of 1,078 islets. Covering an area of 580 square meters, the lake has become the largest freshwater fish-farming area, and one of the largest forest parks in the country.

Qiandaohu Lake is a lake possessing great wealth. It teems with tea, mulberry, timber, and bamboo. There are 1,786 species of plants and 87 species of freshwater fish in all. The Lake is embraced all around by mountain ranges. Here, visitors can hear birds singing, smell the fragrance of flowers, and taste fresh fruit when it is in season. Besides, there are various kinds of local products, such as non-core persimmon, sweet date, hickory nut, and sun-dried fish.

Besides the surrounding green hills and large amount of animals and plants, the Lake is also famous for its water. According to the national water evaluation standard, the water, which can be drunk directly from the Lake, is top ranking.

Apart from its tranquil natural scenery, Qiandaohu Lake also boasts some exciting historical finds. Two ancient towns, both dating back more than 1,800 years, were discovered under the lake in 2002. After preliminary investigation, experts believe they might be the biggest ancient building complexes found in China. The two towns were submerged 40 years ago to make way for a reservoir. Historical records show that the towns were filled with traditional Chinese buildings made of brick, stone and tile.

Leave out of the crowded and noisy city and throw away all the mundane affairs; you'd better wander around Qiandaohu Lake. From time to time you will think that you were walking in Xanadu. You should visit the Qiandaohu Lake, Hangzhou during winter or autumn as the little or no rain during this period of the year and the weather remains pleasant. Do sample the distinctively cooked seafood and some local food here. Take home souvenirs like inkstones, hemp embroideries and products made of pearls.

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