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Putuo Mountain

Mountain Putuo
Mountain Putuo China
Mountain Putuo Hangzhou
Putuo Mountain is one of the Chinese Four Buddhist Shrines. With an area of only twelve square kilometers, Putuo Mountain locates on a small island of Zhoushan Archipelago, five kilometers east of Zhoushan Island in Zhejiang province. Facing to the Shenjia Gate on Zhoushan Archipelago, the Putuo Mountain has been reputed as a Sea-Heaven Buddha Kingdom for a long time. In May, 2007, Putuo Mountain Scenery was rated to be a 5A National Tourism Scenic Spot.

Main temples on Putuo Mountain are Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, and Huiji Temple. All the three temples are the largest ones among 20 extant temples in China. Puji Temple, covering an area of about 11,000 square meters, is the main temple worshiping Guanyin on Putuo Mountain. Fayu Temple, Fayu Temple, built during the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty, is an architectural masterpiece in China. Huiji Temple, the third largest temple on Putuo Mountain, features the style of a typical garden in southern China and it¡¯s the only temple enshrines Buddha but not Guanyin Statue on Putuo Mountain.

The First Aurora Buddhist
Putuo Mountain is a world famous Guanyin temple and Buddhist Holy Land. Early to the end of Qing Period, there were three big temples, 88 monasteries, 128 huts and hundreds of monks. Old saying that "there¡¯re temples and monks everywhere" has the Putuo Mountain get the reputation of The First Aurora Buddhist. Every Buddhist Ceremony, thousands of Buddhist believers flock to Putuo Mountain for praying. Buddhist activities stretching for more than a thousand years makes Putuo Mountain the pure land for Buddhism and has the mountain accumulate rich Buddhist cultural heritage.

The First Human Clear Land
With a unique position wholly surrounded by sea, Putuo Mountain possesses beautiful scenes and pleasant climate. High on the mountain, there are gold sands, strange stones, unique caves, delightful sea sounds. With a very comfortable climate, it is neither hot in summer nor cold in winter on Putuo Mountain. Besides, it has forest coverage of 80%, with many old and valuable trees, fragrant flowers and grasses everywhere. Especially there¡¯s the First National Level Plant --Putuo Carpinus saved on the mountain. Moreover, there are many other rare and endangered plants and animals living in this natural paradise.

Lian Yang Wu Du
Lianhua Yang, the only channel for Buddhist believers to worship, shows people spectacular tide at noon, which makes visitors feel comfortable and imagine continuously.

Duangu Shrining Trace
This is a natural dock with a width of over 10 meters and length of more than 100 meters.

Mei Bay Early Spring
Scene of Mei Bay Early Spring is actually the view of early spring on Putuo Mountain. In the early spring, there are plum trees and red wild flowers covering the whole mountain, leaving a very wonderful green world in front of people.

Putuo Sunset
The scene of Putuo Sunset indicates the scenes of sunset viewed from Putuo Mountain. When the sunset comes, landscape in front of the mountain is covered with golden rosy clouds.

Fanyin Cave
The Cave got its name owing to the situation that when the sea swells, the waters pour into the cave with thunderous roars.
Except the scenes mentioned above, there are Lotus Lake Moonlight Night, Old Cave Sea Sound, Chao Yang Yong Ri,Qian Bu Jin Sha and so on.

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