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Hangzhou Tour

Hangzhou locationLocated at China's southeast coast, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province. This anciant Imperial capital, the very noble and magnificent city that seemed to Marco Polo an image of paradise, has lost almost all its fine monuments. The most beautiful part, however, the enchanting shores of the West Lake (Xihu), still remains. The lakeside scenery of Hangzhou is possibly more in harmony with the Chinese character than any other type of countryside, or rather with the yin, the water-born side of that character, and all that it implies in terms of fluidity, of subtlety, of the fine-drawn - for, in the last resort, the charm of the place defies definition. The West Lake is most beautiful in the spring and by moonlight. Hangzhou is full of poetry simply because two of the greatest Chinese poets, Baijuyi and Su Dongpo, who briefly held the office of governor, left their mark in the form of embankments and bridges, like a brushstroke on the waters, bringing to these skeletons flesh, breath and spirit1 with their thick strokes and upstrokes, or the broken stroke where the causeway curves into the arch of a bridge. This is an extraordinary transposition of the art of cun2 onto the surface of the waters. To appreciate the Xihu, you must look at it not as a tourist but as a poet or an artist. The West Lake is at its most beautiful in September, when the cannas are in flower, or in October, or perhaps on certain days during the summer, when the scenery is made even more fluid by the heat haze that blurs the shorelines and gives them the appearance of a web of lace that frays at the treetops. The city (which has been almost entirely rebuilt since 1949), is selfeffacing, allowing you to enjoy the water, the mist, the wind, the changing patterns formed on the lake by the clouds and the sun and the attractive vegetation.

A saying that first appeared under the Southern Song (1127-1276) still proclaims today that "In heaven there is paradise, on Earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." It is on the banks of the West Lake and on its waters that you must look for this paradise with its clumps of flowers and trees, its parks with their sparkling pools, its pavilions and its scarlet temples.

China Great Travel offers customized Hangzhou tours which include private guided Hangzhou tour packages, Hangzhou car rental and group big bus day trips (seat-in-coach tours). The following tours listed below are for your reference. We will be glad to tailor make a private and personal tour package for you with more tourist destinations included: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tongli, Wuzhen, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Nanjing, Huangshan and Yangtse River. Just send us an email to get our travel expert help planning your China tour to Hangzhou.

Private Hangzhou Tours

Six Harmonies Pagoda 1 Day Hangzhou Tour To West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Peak Flying from Afar, Six Harmonies Pagoda and National Silk Museum of China
Tour Code: Hangzhou_01
Summary: Classic Hangzhou day tour, visit the most famouse attractions in Hangzhou City. Get a snapshot of the most beautiful parts of Hangzhou in one day on this private tour.

Qiandao Lake 1 Day Hangzhou Tour To Wuzhen Water Town
Tour Code: Hangzhou_04
Summary: One day tour to the historic scenic town of Wuzhen which has a history of more than 1,200 years and is famous for its ancient stone bridges, stone pathways, and delicate wood carvings.

Xixi National Wetland Park 1 Day Hangzhou Tour To Xixi National Wetland Park, Longjin Tea Plantation, Hefang Ancient Street
Tour Code: Hangzhou_02
Summary: One day Hangzhou in-depth tour, take a trip to Xixi Wetland that is amous for its natural landscape, Xixi Wetland is the first wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture.

Qiandao Lake 1 Day Hangzhou Tour To Qiandao Lake
Tour Code: Hangzhou_03
Summary: Covering an area of 580 square kilometers, Qiandao Lake (Thousand-Islet Lake) is a beautiful natural resort to enjoy beautiful mountain and lake view. Its popular attractions include Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island, and so on.

Nanxun Water Town 1 Day Private Hangzhou Tour To Nanxun Water Town

Tour Code: Nanxun_02
Summary: Experience the lives of local people in the Nanxun Water Town. Nanxun is unique in its mixture of Chinese antiquity and western architecture. Enjoy the views more privately and peacefully.


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